Pre-registration is required to show your koi and/or goldfish, and to attend the banquet. Seminar seating is limited, however a number of spots may still be available so check with Registration at the show if you have not pre-registered for the Seminars.

To sign up to show koi or goldfish, attend seminars, and banquet click on link below. 

Download Koi Show Rules (Koi)

Download Entry Form 

Download Goldfish Rules and Information (Goldfish)

Download Entry Form (Goldfish)



Important Information - Please Read

Pre-registration is required to enter koi and/or goldfish into the competition. The necessary forms and rules are available above to download. Most all the fish are brought to the show on Friday beginning that morning with benching from 1:00pm - 5:30pm. At this time all fish will be photographed and measured, then entered in the appropriate show classification for size and variety.

Entrants must stop by Registration for their tank assignment or check with other show staff for a tank assignment before releasing koi or goldfish into a show tank. Some entrants will be allowed to check-in Saturday morning before 8:30AM by prior arrangement with Henry Culpepper.

Only registered show koi may be placed into the show tanks. You may purchase a koi and enter it into the show using your assigned tank, however, koi purchased at the show from sponsoring dealers may be placed in a dealer tank if available. See Sherri White to determine whether the dealer has a show tank. Saturday morning purchases for show entry must be registered by 8:30 (see above).

Important - Best koi husbandry practice is to quarantine all newly purchased koi or goldfish.

Koi catch nets and bowls will be supplied. Koi larger than 24 inches are usually not bowled unless requested by the judges.

CFKS 2022 encourages safe bio security practices that include separation of show tanks, provision for separate show equipment, and disinfectant for equipment and hands.

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