Show Staff

Central Florida Koi Show Staff 2024

Show Chairman - Henry Culpepper

Show Co-Chairman - Steve Childers

Goldfish Show Directors - Luanne and Richard Porter

Koi Show Registration - Bill Story

Goldfish Show Registration - Karen Hardcastle 

Vendor Coordinator - Mike McMahon

Seminar Coordinator - Luanne Porter

Show Engineers - Steve Childers (Koi) / Ed Kellar (Goldfish)

Water Quality - Martha Adamczyk with Joe White Consultant

Hospitality Coordinator - Hazel Forbis

Awards - Henry Culpepper

Photography – Bill Story

Publicity – Mike McMahon

Show Donations/Booth - Cathy Young

Security - 

Show Booklet - Cheryl Childers

Trailer/Tank Transportation – Joe White, Steve Spanik, Mike Huss, Martha Adamczyk

Treasurer - Henry Culpepper

Webmaster - Joe White

Central Florida Club Presidents

Florida East Coast Koi and Pond Club – Becky Galic

Gainesville Koi Club – Ed Kellar

Orlando Area Koi and Pond Club – Rob Forbis

Rainbow River Koi Club – 

ZNA Southern Koi Association – Henry Culpepper 

Central Florida Koi Show Society Inc.

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