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We appreciate all our vendors and individuals who support CFKS. 

All our major trophies are works of art. Each year we comission an artist to create our trophies. Here are a few photos of Andy Smith’s pottery. He does not have a website but his email is and his phone number is 704-651-2378. He is from Marshville, NC. As this represents a major show expense, patrons of our show each year help by donating monies to help provide these beautiful awards. If you would like to help our show by:
Sponsoring a Trophy Click here
  Donations Click here. Thanks!!

Sponsorships Under Revision for 2024

Bristol Koi Farm
Hikari Sales USA
USA Koi/Aqua-Meds
The Koi Store
Koi Smart Pond Supply



Aquatic Equipment and Design
Purdin Koi Farm
Nijikawa Koi Food
Ultra Balance Koi Food

Beni Hana Nishikigoi
Happy Koi of Greenville

Sponsor for Show Staff Shirts and Koi Show Chemicals - Thanks to Hikari USA

Koi Show Trophies 
Grand Champion - Bristol Koi Farm
Reserve Champion - Hikari Sales USA
Mature Champion - Hikari Sales USA
Adult Champion - USA Ko
Young Champion - Nijikawa Koi Food
Baby Champion - Purdin Koi Farm

Tsubaki Champion - Koi Smart
Sakura Champion - USA Koi
Botan Champion - The Koi Store

Jumbo Champion - Hikari Sales USA
Best Male - Aquatic Equipment and Design
Most Unique - RNR Koi

Note: All Best in Size Trophy Sponsorships are donation or $150

Best in Size 7 - Beni Hanna Nishikigoi
Best in Size 6 - The Koi Store
Best in Size 5 - 
Happy Koi of Greenville
Best in Size 4
- KEME Honey & Bees
Best in Size 3 - Ultra Balance Koi Food
Best in Size 2 - Beni Hana Nishikigoi
Best in Size 1 - Matsunosuke USA

Note: All Best in Variety Trophy Sponsorships are donation of $100

Best Kohaku - Florida East Coast Koi and Pond Club
Best Showa -  Shirley Stone
Best Sanke - Performance Pro Pumps
Best Hikarimujimono - Webb’s Water Gardens
Best Hikarimoyomono - Rainbow River Koi Club
Best Tancho - Ultra Balance Koi Food
Best Asagi/Shusui - Ultra Balance
Best Bekko - Sherri and Joe White

Best Koromo/Goshiki - Florida East Coast Koi and Pond Club
Best Shiro Utsuri - Gainesville Koi Club
Best Utsuri (Hi and Ki) - Katie and Alice Van Lennep

Best Hikari Utsuri - Fish Corner

Best Kinginrin A - Shirley Stone
Best Kinginrin B - Melanie Onushko

Best Kawarigoi- Beni Hanna Aquaponics
Best Longfin -
 Chevy’s Quality Koi
Best Mujimono  - Select KoiBest Doitsu - Marty Marshall and Ed Kellar
Best Longfin - Chevy’s Quality Koi

Goldfish Show Trophies

Grand Champion Goldfish - Fish Corner
Reserve Champion - Hikari Sales USA
Baby Champion Goldfish - Mary and Terry Andrews
Reserve Baby Champion - Aqua Meds
Novice Award - Snappy Clam Website Design
Best in Size 1 - USA Koi
Best in Size 2 - USA Koi

Best Oranda - Razorback Koi Farm
Best Ranchu/Lionhead - Razorback Koi Farm

Best Ryukin -  Razorback Koi Farm
Best Ryukin Short Tail - Razorback Koi Farm
Best Fancy Tail - Fish Corner
Best Eye Growth - Fish Corner
Best Pond Varieties - Fish Corner
Best Special Varieties - Fish Corner


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